Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Here is the request for permissions from the Label company that Canterbury are signed to (Hassle records). As of yet there has been no reply to the E-mail but we are awaiting the day that it comes, in hopes that we one day, are permitted to use our sound track. we need to gain permissions for this soundtrack otherwise we will have our music video blocked on YouTube and have the possibility that the video or audio will be deleted due to copyright reasons.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Test Shots

These are the test shots of the face paint and UV lights that we planned on using. A problem that occurred is that the face paint looked blue instead of the grey that we wanted so we are aiming to fix that by adding blue and white grey face paint. The UV paints looks really effective at the moment and should hopefully stand out more when we add the UV lights on.

Here we have the test shots of our band members. These shots were to see what lenses would best be used for each shot out of the lenses available (50mm and an 18 - 70mm). For a focus pull down the instruments we would need the 18 - 70mm whereas for the close up of the singer we would need a 50mm so that his face and the microphone would both be in focus to a high quality. 

Shooting Schedule

Here is our shooting schedule for what shots we are going to do and when. We are going to use this to organise ourselves so that we get our shooting done by the draft dates.

Album Advertisement Idea

This is the Album advertisement idea that I did, when doing it I tried making it as artistic as possible to reflect upon the advertisements for Indie Rock. The photo was taken by me but i tried to edit it so that it looked painted/drawn as that is the pinnacle of artistic compared to that of a simple photograph. The deer itself was chosen as it is a natural creature and was standing alone, this resembles individuality and the separation from the mainstream media such as pop and R&B. I also chose to put the record company as Big Scary Monsters due to the fact that they produce Indie bands who express themselves through their music.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

CD cover Ideas

This is the CD cover ideas that I drew. For the first one I aimed to make it look like more of an artistic album as there is a rose in the middle of a black background and the spotlight is shining down on it and on the back it was a continuation but I made it look more like the rose was starting to grow.
Here are the CD covers that were designed by Demi, they are more artistic based due to the fact that they are full of colours and used splashed pain to create a really effective merging of colours.

Monday, 14 October 2013

animatic draft 2


Here are two of the instruments that we are going to be using for our band Performance part, one being for the drummer and the other for the singer. The fact that all of the people we have asked and chosen to be in our band actually play the instruments and are comfortable to perform whilst being filmed.
 One of the outfits for the others to show that they are the same, most will wear black as it gives of a dark and negative atmosphere/mood. Since all of our others will be wearing all black it also shows how they are the same and how there is nothing different about either of them.
This is our lead singers costume where it is more casual clothes so that it represents Indie rock, especially in the colour scheme and it is on of the ways that we want our band to look.

Friday, 11 October 2013


For one of our locations we are going to use a bedroom because we thought that this was the most likely place that a group of people would be hanging out and being in an isolated location also suggests that they are trying to hide from the ‘infection’ which makes them lose their individuality. The bedroom will be the starting point for our narrative as it will show that all the people are different compared to later when they will all become the same.

For another location we are going to use Sutton Life Centre as a location change as the main character teleports to another location every time that he goes through a door, this is to keep our music video abstract and it gives it more of a creative aspect.  
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Animatic draft 1

For our storyboard we created an animatic that showed our concept within its frames. The storyboard shows an individual who loses their individuality after coming into contact with the group who all look and dress the same. However we have incorporated a new idea that there is a mark that all the people who have turned have which identifies them as the same within the group of people so at the end of the video our individual protagonist becomes just another one of the group and to show this they all have their hands raised to show the mark. During the band sequence we also show them having the mark to bring a connection between the band and the narrative.