Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Planning and Improving

Here are the ideas that we had to improve upon our music video and how to change the beginning so that the meaning was clearer and to set dates to shoot by because of problems that would occur if we delayed. We also made a list of what we need to do and what shots we need to make our meaning clearer and to make the video more interesting.

This is the development of both our Album Cover and the Album Advertisement which we think are good starting points however there are parts that we would like to fix such as the shelves in the background as well as having all the band members on the album cover since our video is based upon the band themselves.

A video effect inspiration

In this tube chop is shows an effect that we would like to use showing going through a door and ending up somewhere else to really hammer in the fact that going through the doors transports them into another place. The effect will have a smaller wall between the places so that it can go with the faster paced editing of our piece. This piece of work inspired us with its affect and we thought that it would be really cool to use it in our music video.