Friday, 28 February 2014

question 1

As for advertisement they are generally designed to catch someone’s eye, therefore the artist or the album will be presented, in some genres it is in a weird way (referencing to Biffy Clyro’s Saturday Superhouse as a member of the band is being seen as on fire whilst another has water exploding in his face) and sometimes the artist can be shown in a very dramatic way with a black and white advertisement that has high contrast. Advertisements also conventionally have ratings from magazines and newspapers that talk positively about the album and show it in a positive light. Music advertisements also have a website link to the artist so that you can check out their merchandise, their songs and what they are about and any other information that you could possibly want about the artist such as upcoming events/gigs that they are doing. Lastly album advertisements have either a record label or a distributor label on them to show who has produced and/or distributed their music.

For CD covers conventionally they have a shot of the artist in a dramatic pose (Florence and the machine - lungs), doing something normal (Amy Winehouse – Frank) or they have a design on which catches the audiences eye (these new puritans – hidden).

question 4

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

post 3

From our audience feedback we have learnt that lip synching is important due to the fact that if it does not have it there is distortion created and it is confusing for the audience especially when there is a delay between the mouth and the voice. We have also learnt that faster paced editing has given more energy to our piece and that we needed to add more narrative as it was confusing to the audience as the idea was complex as the character walks through one door and comes out somewhere else. We inserted an after effects edited piece of video in which made the fact that he was going through one door and coming out somewhere else clear as it had continuity editing and he went through one door and came out outside in another place.

question 1 starting point (notes)

Music video Conventions of an indie rock music video. Artists appears and lip syncs throughout the music video the track s played Narrative throughout Cutting to the beat Dynamic camera movements Experiment We stuck to all of these conventions We experimented to make our different as well as following a convention. There was one we went against When there is a change in location, the costumes change. We went against this convention as we wanted to show the confusion and abnormal idea of the main characters situation. It shows that it is happening there and then, he walks through one door however he comes out somewhere completely different. We needed to keep in the same costume otherwise the audience wouldn't understand the confusion the main character is feeling. Ancillary The indie rock bands cd covers have texts in the bind of the cd. We used this. The photo taken for the advert is used for the whole advert. We also did this. However we went against the convention of the artists not appearing on the album cover - We put all 3 band members on the front cover. As they had UV paint on their faces we know it will attract attention. However its not showing their true identity as they all have this paint on their faces sort of like a mask but this still delivers the point that they are all individuals as all the band members have different UV designs.