Monday, 5 May 2014

question 3

for our audience feedback we did a questionnaire asking people what they thought of both the music video and auxiliary tasks. What we got back was useful information.generally the feedback stated that our auxiliary tasks looked more like that of the techno genre, which is interesting due to our aim going for a more indie rock look.However they stated that the synergy between both our music video and auxiliary tasks was strong due to their being people with face paint on but a stronger link was needed. for our music video they said that they saw what we were trying to do which was give a negative meaning to being the same as everyone else and that the dark colours symbolize this.generally the feedback was positive, stating that it was a highly creative concept that was done in a effective manner yet there could of been more work done to improve  upon this.when asked what people would improve about our product as  a whole they said that there needed to be better lighting and that they would create a much clearer concept. When asked questions like what was your favourite part of the music video they said that they liked the special effects as it gave the music video momentum. overall the feedback said that they liked the video but they would like stronger links between the work made and that more of the narrative was needed.

Here are our Final products: