Monday, 9 September 2013

Carol Vernallis - the kindest cut: functions and meaning in music video editing

Carol Vernallis analyzed editing in Hollywood film and music videos
The song and the video create a combined understanding.
Shots of the artist will encourage us to piece together a phantasmagorical body (a body made up in our minds of all the shots of all the body). Phantasmagorica as stated by the oxford english dictionary is a 'rapidly transforming collection of imaginary and fantastic forms, such as may be experienced in a dream or fevered state,' which means that each shot creates the idea of the perfect or dreamlike body (mostly of which is aimed at men in videos as it is mainly women who are sexualised). 

The phantasmagorical body

These images show the phantasmagorical body due to the fact that there are close ups of things such as the eyes and the bottom creating the image of a person. This is the phantasmagorical body in alex gaudino's destination calabria.

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