Thursday, 12 September 2013

conventions of a rock music video

Imaginary role from Panic! at the discos the ballad of mona lisa and they are also dressed in black clothes. The shot itself is a midshot as you can see the top half of his body.

Within these segmented videos we can see more of an experimental approach to the actual videos due their being a woman whose neck bends to the beat and then also people in 3d skeleton suits jumping around. This shows that Indie Rock is more of an experimental art work which can sometimes bee infused with a lot of editing such as the cut segments at the end of Bloc Partys music video called ratchet as it looked as if a series of photos had been manipulated to create the face of the singer.
We can see that quite a lot of the singers wear black clothing where as others prefer to wear coloured clothing which is bright such as red or the Caribbean kind of style. Mostly though the videos for Indie Rock are very unusual such as the Florence and The Machine video where there are blue people who are clapping.  Most commonly in Indie Rock videos we can see the singers in a imaginary role where they are chasing after girls or committing crimes in a quirky way (such as the guitars being guns).
Within Indie rock however there seems to be a conflict between darker colours and lighter colours which is shown through all of the videos. Bands like The Arctic Monkeys and Canterbury have darker themed videos where as Florence and The Machine and Bloc Party have more positive and brighter videos.

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