Thursday, 26 September 2013

initial ideas

Here are the initial ideas for our music video. We chose Canterbury - Lost in the Basement as it was an indie rock song and the tune was upbeat therefore easier to cut to compared to a slower paced song. From the Song we got a dark feel as it was about being lost in a basement and the lyrics kept on talking about a place that they loved and how there were creatures that ate faces. For a location we chose Morden Parks Bandstand as it is essentially like a stage and it can look really interesting if they are in a place that is different from a studio. For an editing point we thought that we could do a transition by zooming through an eye so that we could change location. The main idea for the video is of someones perspective of the world or the loss of a friend as then it would give a darker or more emotional feel to the video which would draw the audience in. Another idea we had was where the video slowly went from a bad feeling or vibe to a good one. The people we would like to be the band are Alex Kemp on vocals, Mike Perret on drums and Joe Wingfield on guitar.

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