Thursday, 12 September 2013

kodaline - all i want


The video for Kodaline's all i want follows a strict narrative and the concept is basically a guy who looks different wanting to be accepted. This is shown through not only the performance of the character throughout but also due to the soundtrack, the character acts with kindness towards other people and doesn't try to be threatening towards them in anyway. A close up of a coffee mug that reads 'world's best employee' shows that he wants to be successful in what he does and this is later graffitied so that it reads 'world's greatest freak' which shows that the character is isolated from the other characters. The video follows the journey of the disfigured man called Oliver and he is mostly shown in close ups so that the audience establishes a closeness or emotional connection to him, the music video make up wise shows Oliver with a monster like appearance. But within the narrative we figure out that he is a normal person being who has more feelings than most of the other people who are shown in the office. The cinematography helps us to understand the emotions of the main protagonist as when he feels isolated and alone he is shown with a midshot where he is in the centre of the shot and the rest of the mise-en-scene is a white table and white walls, the lighting also giving a darker tone to the shot as there are shadows on the wall which create a negative feeling. The music itself is at a slow tempo so editing is used on major features of the song such as the guitar and piano. Overall the message of the video is that even those who are not considered the prettiest can have the prettiest hearts. The video also shows that Indie rock videos are about individualism as the character was mostly alone in the piece but for him that didn't seem to matter as he kept on going and he seemed to be happy. The indie rock video shows that being true to who you are is the most important aspect of life even if it means that you are cast out from the rest of the people.

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