Thursday, 4 July 2013

analysing a pop music video (maroon 5 - payphone /explicit/)

The above video is about a man who has broken up with a woman as he talks about the 'plans we made for two'. This is conventional LYRICS for a pop song as they deal with things such as relationships and money, this is to gain a foothold with the current generation. The music video itself promotes the negative aspects of a relationship and how it can affect both parties.
The music video itself does contain references to a time before which can be shown by the payphone as it is a very outdated concept and the music gives an impression that it was a long relationship as they have an old concept (payphone) as the driving force.

The video itself fits the pop convention as it deals with relationships but also has fast / high priced cars within it which shows that it has a high production budget so that it can be more related to their target audience of teenagers. The video itself also has a section where there is rap involved which is common in pop songs as they are targeted at a specific audience and keeps in time with the modern aspects of the video.
The music video also deals with quite common aspects within America such as crime which in this specific video is both a bank robbery and a car chase.
The video is also situated to the pop genre as most musicians within the pop genre are Caucasian and for a slight moment we are shown an African-American which is less common within this genre.

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