Monday, 2 September 2013

analysis of rock video - 30 seconds to mars - up in the air (explicit) directors commentary


Here is Thirty second to mars' video up in the air which has an experimental film feel towards it as it is a random series of shots which seem to have no connection to each other such as the mid wide shot of the artist lip syncing next to two girls with half of their face painted as if they were going to celebrate the Spanish festival of the dead and the next is a close up of a blond woman lip syncing as well as the artist, We also see a wide bird's eye view of a woman spinning around on a bull machine. Next we have a lion in a long shot walking towards the camera and a midshot of a zebra herd running in a warehouse. The only real sense of a connection between shots is where we are shown performance shots of a gymnast who is performing a routine and the audience gets the feeling that she is training for an Olympic event and the music is so intense at that point in time that we want her to succeed. Another part of the video that shows any sign of connection is some of the sexual parts such as the blonde woman licking an ice cream seductively and the woman on the bull slowly stripping. Overall the video shows that being unique is about figuring out who you are (as they go through a lot of shots at the beginning and then they slowly focus more on certain aspects) and then training to be the best version of that that you can be, even if it is weird it's you so it doesn't really matter because its what you want to do. The video shows indie music videos as being about quirky things and being experimental with what is done especially since the lip sync was mixed between multiple people and some of the shots were of motorcycles whereas others were of fire.

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