Monday, 2 September 2013

Analysis of low budget videos/ low budget ideas

Abstract low budget (A ha! Imogen Heap:

i like this due to the fact that it is creative and abstract. The video itself is quite abstract with two shots overlayed onto each other which helps to compliment each section. Also the way that they have created an effect that shows the slowed movement which creates a ghostly affect which makes it more unique. Also the cinematography was well framed which gave it more of an aesthetic feel, so for low budget its probably more appropriate to use a tight frame rather than a loose frame.

The Editing was very good due to the fact that it gave the video a high paced, energetic feel which was well complimented by the rhythm of the music. The shots were quite simplistic but due to the editing of the video it has given it a very artistic, and aesthetic feel.

The high key lighting was really affective in bringing out the detail of the violin (with its enhanced red colour), the detail of the 'artist' and also it was well used in creating a silhouetted figure at the beginning which captivates the audience into wondering what is going to happen.

From this the ideas gained are
tight framing
fast editing
high key lighting
colour distortion

conventional low budget (The fix - just got paid):

This video is more conventional due to the costume change at each location which gives an idea of the passing of time or showing that it is separate from the other shots/locations.

the shots are loosely framed which downs the aesthetic quality (in my own opinion) but the choreographing of the dance routine is an interesting feature which the abstract one seemed to be missing.

High key lighting seems to be the main feature of both videos as it gives more detail to the artist and gives the video more of a professional feel. This is more shown in  the close ups as you can see all their face in detail

Also use of location in their video is important because since the location looks quite upper class it suggests that the amount of money they have got is quite a large amount.

things learnt from this video:
high key lighting
close ups

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