Friday, 20 September 2013


 This graphic shows the demographic for our music videos. The results from our questionnaire show an almost even amount for each gender. Out of the 79 people we gave the questionnaire to 39 of them were male and 40 of them were female. This shows a mostly even spread between both genders. Therefore we will try and target both genders equally, so include things that attract males and that also attracts females.

 We asked 80 people if they preferred narrative or live music videos and the results were that over half of them preferred a narrative structure compared to showing the artist in a live performance. therefore we will be using a narrative structure within our music video as it is the most popular of the two.

 Here are the ages of the people that we gave our questionnaire too. The highest number being 16 - 24 so therefore we will be aiming our music video towards this demographic so will include modern things that a more modern audience will be able to recognize/relate too.

 Here is a graph on peoples opinions of indie rock music. The highest term used to describe the style relaxing (said by 10 people) and other popular words that were used were different, individual and 'rocky'. Therefore we will make the video based on an individual or create a video that has not been seen before.
 Here are the opinions of people on what they expect to see in an indie rock video. Most people expected to see the band and the instruments that were being played above that of things such as cartoon images and studio shots. Therefore we will show the band and their instruments within the music video.
Here is a graph of what people thought was most appropriate for an indie rock video most of whom thought a guitar was most important. Therefore in the music video a guitar will be featured the most in the music video.

Our target audience is going to be people who like to be themselves and who follow their own dreams instead of going along with what everyone else wants to do. The gender of the person does not matter as it can be equally spread between both. We also want our target audience to be people with an appreciation of things which are different compared to what people are usually seeing so people who are open to hearing or seeing unusual things (such as maracas in a rock music video). Our target audience in essence are people who are considered 'indie' or 'hipster' as they are people who dress and act differently from everyone else.

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