Thursday, 12 September 2013

The killers screencast


The video for the killers video read my mind the basic concept is quirky and different. This is shown through the close ups of things such as a green monster costume and a Japanese Elvis street performer. For the performance shot is has been shown in an arcade which is a very unusual place for a band to perform as there is normally not enough room and it doesn't look like a professional studio. The lip synch however is shown in what looks like new York. The tempo of the video is pretty slow but the music is upbeat and the music video is cut off beat rather than on the beat. Most of the props within the video are quirky as there is an old bicycle with the larger wheel at the front and a smaller wheel at the back. The singer is mostly shown in close ups whilst he is lip synching and his performance gives off a positive feel as he interacts with the people around him and he smiles with them. The artist is shown with close ups when he is looking away from the camera like he is deep in thought and then again when he is breaking the fourth wall so that it creates a connection with the audience. The overall video shows what can be missed in daily life and the music video basically says 'you need to slow down and enjoy life otherwise you will end up missing all of the interesting and entertaining things. The music video suggests than indie rock videos are about the quirkier things in life and about enjoying every aspect of life, as well as just doing things for the hell of it and for the fun of it as they cycle through the city on quirky bikes.

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